The internet is a great resource for finding out more information about a topic and what we learn in class is a great start! The links that follow are some that I have used in my classroom as well as when I am doing research for a topic that I teach. I sorted them by topic - be sure to check them out!

The following websites are great for any topic you are looking for...
This site is managed by an amazing textbook company and you don't even have to own the book to use it. There are tutorials, online labs, as well as additional information about the topics found in their life science book. I try to use this site as much as possible!
Another great site provided by the Museum of Natural History in New York City. It's geared towards kids and very easy to look around.
This site has online labs that you can do - it's actually more biology level labs but some can be used and understood in a middle school setting. If you are into science and want to get ahead, I recommend this site.

Sites for LS 1 - Scientific Investigations
Good online mysteries to figure out and good practice for critical thinking.
Another good tutorial on Metric System, vocabulary and practice for students. Made for students in Virginia, so you know it's good!

Sites About Cells!
There is nothing bad I can say about this web site! You can look and learn about anything related to cells - organelles, cell division, cellular activities - anything! They also have a lot of extras like information on viruses and bacteria as well as some great pictures!
These are just some interesting demonstrations and movies about cell division in different organisms. The links at the top will take you to more - these ones are specifically about cell division.
This is a site I recently used in class. After clicking 'Next' a few times (if you don't feel like reading), you need to select which stage of mitosis the cell is in. It's good practice for students when they need to identify the different cell stages for a quiz or test.
I love - they have so many great games! This one is on the cell cycle and it's actually really hard but a good challenge.

Sites About DNA and Heredity
I have used this site in class every year and it is always a great resource for vocabulary and understanding basic concepts about heredity, genes and DNA. Remember, practice makes perfect!
These are short and sweet videos that were created by VCU! They are fantastic - short and usually under 10 minutes, they are a great source for additional information about the changing science of genetics.
These are BOTH great games to play - blood type is related directly to DNA and you get an idea of what happens when you mix the wrong bloods with each other! The other is a challenge to try and make the most accurate DNA strand in a short amount of time. Very entertaining to watch - more challenging to play!
Here is the website that we did in class with the genetic engineering. Remember how we took a tomato plant and made it resistant to herbicide by putting a new gene in? Here's the steps on how to do that!!!

Sites About Ecology
This is one that we did in class on the new laptop sets. It's a great informative page that's easy to access and go through, plus you learn a lot about carbon! Oh yeah!
This site is a great way to test your knowledge of the carbon cycle - you actually play the part of a