There are a lot of opportunities to learn and have fun at the same time on the internet, especially with science. The websites below are where you can find some fun activities that are (just a little) educational as well!
This is a great site for learning about cells and quizzing yourself about what you know!
Can you figure out the cell cycle? Find out for yourself - but don't die!
A great site to learn about genetics and games to see what's nature and what's nuture!
This is one of the best DNA games out there - how fast can you make a DNA strand - don't go too fast - it has to be right!
Ah - the ever so popular blood typing game. How good of a doctor are you? Can you save your dying patients by giving them the right blood?
Want to learn about Geologic Time and how old the Earth is? This tutorial walks you through how life has changed over millions of years!
Here are a whole bunch of different activities that you can do about your body, there are online disecctions, and more! Be sure to check it out!